About Us

About Us


Our Philosophy;


Together we are a family dedicated to leading ourselves and our families into a legacy of health. We implement the strength of a growth mindset into our daily lives. 

We believe in living a sustainable life so that any move we make is for the long term goal!

The world has different energy waves all over the place. SLOAN thrives to teach physical and mental strength to overcome obstacles and unauthorized energies.

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Meet the owner

Shanae Williams is a fitness and health enthusiast that aims to simply help others live a balanced and sustainable life. She is a mom to adventurous three-year-old and enjoys spending her time outdoors having fun.

She started out in her journey 8 years ago with a goal to just loose some weight.

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My why

Health and fitness is not something em-betided in my blood. Almost every person in my family suffers from a chronic health condition. From diabetes, to cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritis, knee, leg and back injuries we have it all.

I was told in the 9th grade that I had severe asthma and that I could not play high intensity sports such as running. At the time I was a new track athlete and it really broke my heart to be forced to stop. I did not continue through high school playing sports as I dreamed. 

When I became pregnant with my daughter I remembered who I was and what I was up against. I was headed down the path of our “legacy” of health issues.

My authentic self knew that I loved nature, outdoors, running, playing and natural energy. I was terrified of thought of not being able to live that life with my daughter.

That is when I knew I couldn’t listen to the naysayers anymore. I made my weakness my strengths, and I’m here to share that process with you.  My why was to create a new legacy of health for my family, starting with myself. 

This is my story but this is not my end….This is my WHY.

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