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    SLOAN legacy fitness caters to anyone on any level of fitness. Shanae is great at personalizing the fitness plan to meeting YOUR needs. She keeps you motivated to keep going even when you want to quit. Sustainability is what she preaches and after working with her for months I finally understand what that means. Health and fitness is not a temporary thing, but a lifelong commitment. Whether you have certain goals or just ready to make an overall change SLOAN legacy fitness is definitely the way to go! It’s one thing to work with a personal trainer but it’s a totally different ball game when you work with a trainer that genuinely loves what she does! Her knowledge base ranges from fitness to nutrition to personal development. I am proud to say that i am SLOAN warrior creating a sustainable lifestyle every single day!
    Lakiesha Reaves
    Shanae is so amazing at what she does! I've been with her for a month and have loved every aspect of it. She offers so much and it's completely tailored to your specific needs and goals. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has made me feel much more confident. She is basically my life coach on top of being my personal trainer because she is so inspiring! She cares a great deal about her clients and that is what makes her stand out from the rest. Love love love her!
    Montana Bernard
    Shanae is wonderful! Her energy is so uplifting! Honestly, I appreciate her on the days that I am least motivated! Being in her presence, lights a fire. To push those to the limits set because she truly knows her clients based on their personal progress. My friend is also training with her- and the two of us have never had the same exercise (our bodies are totally different, as is our goals). She truly personalizes work outs on a client to client basis, which to me makes her program so successful. The confidence she has given me has lead me to believe that SLOAN LEGACY is legit!
    Brooklyn Crowly

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