Personal Training

Personal Training

Looking for one on one health and fitness training with an experienced professional? Look no further than our personal training program. All of our personal training options include two one on one sessions with a personal trainer every week, meal plans, online training courses to complete on your own, and  optional bootcamp opportunities.

Personal training is best suited for those who are new to working out; as it will allow you to learn all correct movements and forms for any exercises needed under a watchful eye, along with those who feel they enjoy that extra connection gained by having that one on one time with a fitness instructor, or someone who feels that an extra little push will help them achieve their goals.

Although SLOAN warriors have help and sometimes that needed push from their coach, pushing themselves is still their own responsibility. In order to achieve lasting effects, the individual has to make sure they worked towards it themselves. A trainer cannot force anyone to get and expect that trainee to stay fit  stay healthy in the future.

If having that extra guidance will aide in your health journey, please fill out our contact form found on our contact us page.

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